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Forensic accounting is a special area of accounting that involves the use of financial statements in a court of law for purposes of anticipated disputes and/or litigation. To become a forensic accountant, an individual is usually required to have a masters degree in accounting in addition to a professional accounting or accountancy certification (such as CPA). The following schools all offer accredited online degree programs in forensic accounting or closely related accounting subject.

University of Phoenix

The MBA in accounting and MS in accountancy programs at the University of Phoenix teaches the theory and principles in a broad sense pertaining to the world of accounting. The curriculum features courses that explore accounting theory and research, accounting information systems, managerial accounting, financial reporting, and auditing.

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Colorado Technical University

A degree from Colorado Technical University can connect you to what matters most to help you reach your next level. You can grow a powerful professional network with the help of real-world faculty, industry professionals and over 75,000 alumni. Not to mention, our top 10 online MBA program is recognized around the world.

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Kaplan University

The Master of Science in Accounting program at Kaplan University is built upon a curriculum that prepare students to achieve management accounting and/or forensic accounting positions in both the public and private sectors. Courses on auditing, taxation, cost accounting, and financial accounting provide a core background on which several electives can be added.

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